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Restore: Advent

Advent. A time of hopeful preparation.

How beautiful it is that the Church gifted us with the liturgical seasons, so that we may get the most out of them. Jesus Christ instituted the Church to be the Mother of the Body of Christ. To guide us ever closer to God and one another.

We have chosen to present an Advent Restore this month to aid people in their journey of preparation for the coming of Our Lord. We come together in praise for all that we have overcome this year and worship Him for the gifts He has given us in faith and love.


Come and experience a blessed evening full of joy, wonder, and hope! As the lights in the church go down, we turn the music up and praise God for all that He has done and continues to do through love and mercy for each one of us.

Restore Praise & Worship Night happens every month at St. Matthew Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. Check Upcoming Events on the homepage for other opportunities to hear from us! May God bless you this Advent Season.

A Consecrated Ministry


We have given our music ministry to Our Lady of Grace. She continues to provide us with the grace that is needed to continue saying “yes” to Our Lord. Only she knows all of the faith that it takes to confidently trust in the Lord. Only she has carried our Savior within her womb, and will forever be tied to Him in such a special way.

Even though she may not have understood all that God was asking of her, she said “yes” and proclaimed the greatness of the Lord. May Our Lady of Grace continue to place her mantle of protection around this ministry and all those that are impacted by it.

Here is a Marian prayer by St. John Paul II.

Mother of the Redeemer, with great joy we call you blessed. In order to carry out His plan of salvation, God the Father chose you before the creation of the world. You believed in His love and obeyed His word. The Son of God desired you for His Mother when He became man to save the human race. You received Him with ready obedience and undivided heart. The Holy Spirit loved you as His mystical spouse and filled you with singular gifts. You allowed yourself to be led by His hidden powerful action. On the eve of the third Christian Millennium, we entrust to you the Church which acknowledges you and invokes you as Mother. To you, Mother of human family and of the nations, we confidently entrust the whole humanity, with its hopes and fears. Do no let it lack the light of true wisdom. Guide its steps in the ways of peace. Enable all to meet Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Sustain us, O Virgin Mary, on our journey of faith and obtain for us the grace of eternal salvation. O clement, O loving, O sweet Mother of God and our Mother, Mary!